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Hotel Haveli.

HOTEL HAVELI is a Heritage Hotel previously known as Haveli Guest House. This is Jodhpur’s first Heritage Home stay established in 1994 by Thakur Anand Singh Bhati & Thakurain Madhu Kanwar along with Upendra Shrimali.

Haveli Family offers very personalized services and attention in detail that makes the welcome warm and stay unforgettable.

One part of this 18th century royal mansion (Suwalia House) is owned by family as residence, and the Hotel is also managed by family members, Ku. Jaswant Singh and his wife Suman Karwar, Ku. Dushyant Singh and Bh. Raghavendra and Bh. Padmanabh are always here to make welcome warm and healthy. The daughter of the family Baisa Payal who is now the P.A. of Her Highness Jodhpur and her husband Rajkumar Hari Singh Rathore (Raoti) Sher Villas have also played very important roles to make the beautiful Haveli into a heritage hotel. Haveli’s central location makes it a convenient place to stay, moments away from virtually all of Jodhpur’s attractions, historical and cultural monuments and sites of interest, like the historical Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Sardar Market(Clock Tower), Umed Garden, shopping and entertainment.

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